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Book Description

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The Wild Side Inside

Vedic astrology describes, discusses and recognizes the controllers of that wild uncontrolled mind as Rahu and Ketu.  The halves of the same identity; which makes our world turn upside down if uncontrolled or creates a fantastic growing opportunity if tamed. This book talks about that wild side within us; how to recognize it, and tame it.

Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny

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Did we end up in this world due to destiny, or did we choose
to be here? Does fate rule our lives, or our own decisions? If karma is
preordained, then should we try to change anything?
   Understand the interplay of our free will and faith and Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny.

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Are You Ready For Saturn?

Sara, a young woman is fearful of her upcoming Saturn period. She visits a mysterious person who takes her into the mystical world of Saturn's other's side.

How to Mess Up You Life With Astrology

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Astrology can help you become more successful in life BUT, if you fail to approach this ancient science with the right mood, or if you seek advice from unqualified astrologers, your involvement with astrology can make your life truly miserable. Learn about the dangers of dabbling in astrology without grasping its real meaning and purpose.

Reach Your Hidden Potential


Remedies and antidotes to the standard psychological hurdles we all face. In this complex universe, each of us are born under a specific constellation which signify a specific psychological mindset, in this book you will find the exact mantras based on your planetary Naksatras that can unentangle your karma and free you toward progress


Get ready for Married Life, for men

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Enneadharma : Vedic Approach to Enneagram

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Mahabharata Motivations

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Enneadharma Journey, A vedic approach to Enneagram provides a framework for understanding human behaviour and motivation, encompassing the qualities of goodness, passion, and ignorance. These qualities are inherent in each Enneagram type and influence individual behaviours and attitudes.

In "Cracking the Enneagram Code: Analyzing Mahabharata Villains and their Motivations," we embark on a fascinating journey to explore the Enneagram personalities of the characters in the Mahabharata. By identifying their core drives, we gain a deeper understanding of their actions and choices throughout the epic.

Radhanatha Swami


 "  Srilakshmi Oppecini has been a sincere and exemplary spiritual
practitioner on the path of devotion throughout her life. In this
book she shares the divine gifts of her heart and will take you on a
journey to Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny.

Vic Dicara
Author of The Great Big Crystal Ball in the sky and several books.


" It was my honor to preview “Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny” by
Srilakshmi Oppecini. I consider it well worth reading because it
brings very deep philosophical, spiritual and theological truths into a

simple, practical, and friendly presentation, which reads as if the au-
thor were talking to you in person — informally, but well-informed. 

I hope many, many people will avail themselves of the rare opportu-
nity to access deep and sincere Vedic conclusions in an uncommonly

simple, transparent manner. We look forward also to reading more
from Srilaksmi Jī in the future.


Dr. Howard Resnick,
World renowned teacher of Indian studies, author and professor.

“  Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny” by Srilakshmi Oppecini offers
serious spiritual seekers and practitioners a unique, entertaining,
profound, and highly practical guide to a wonderfully lived life.

Through a fascinating blend of philosophy, history, stories, medita-
tions, and prayers, Sri Laksmi weaves her way successfully through

life’s great issues, goals, and challenges. I am grateful for her contribution.  "

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