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Harmonise with yourself

Karmic Ties Can a person become liberated from Karmic ties? Did you know that the soul exists in the material realm as long as it is bound by different karmic ties. These karmic ties are the result of the person’s past attachments, in other words thoughts, desires, motivations and actions. Throughout many life times, the person becomes bound by increasing layers of karmic ties. These karmic ties bind the person to certain situations, people, thought patterns, behavior, views and experiences. Therefore the person is constrained and limited by the karmic ties and as long as a person is bound by a certain karmic tie, he cannot escape its influence. These karmic ties can be compared to different coloured wires, which are wrapped around the soul- and inhibit the souls true nature from being exhibited.  Each time a person does pilgrimage, engages in mediation and prayer or studies holy scriptures, one or several of these wires are being loosened and ultimately removed.  Therefore, when a person starts to engage in spiritual practices, these karmic ties are slowly resolved.  Following spiritual practices will therefore gradually liberate a person from all karmic ties, which are severely constraining his freedom.  If a person continues with spiritual practices for a period of time, they will start feeling a sense of relief, liberty and detachment.  Eventually a person can become completely free from all the karmic ties, so that the soul’s true nature can be expressed.  The most constraining of all these karmic ties, are the ones which have a direct influence on our mind and intelligence.  They limit us to certain beliefs, views, judgements, feelings, emotions, convictions and thought patterns. These often influence us to have misunderstanding and misperceptions of reality and what is actually beneficial for us.  These karmic ties keep us from developing our full potential and making spiritual advancement.

Nakshastra report


Harmonise with your partner

Do you wonder how you can find the right partner, and are prepared to do your best to get ready? If you wish to understand your karma regarding relationships & marriage, this coaching can help you equip yourself.  Do you wish to learn more about your karmic patterns & compatibility in your current relationship and want to understand your partners' personality type more in depth to improve your relationship and resolve differences? When we do a compatibility check, there are three main elements that should be considered.  1. The individual capacity of two different individuals in relationships.  If two individuals are of good character and have the individual capacity to make the relationship successful. 2. The negative elements in the chart that should not be present and the positives that are necessary for a relationship to work and be beneficial. The type of dynamics a couple creates, reveals the harmony or disharmony. 3. The synastry of planets happens when two individual charts come together, through the interaction between these two energies a specific pattern can be found that gives profound information on the psychic and psychological consequences of two people in a relationship. Through the coaching sessions you can learn how to maximize the positive/harmonious aspects by understanding the karmic patterns of both individuals and as a couple.  The coaching also helps to manage the less harmonious aspects and to develop a more enjoyable relationship.  Balance is essential to a healthy, loving and fulfilling  Relationship. The quality of the relationship the two experience as a couple and as individuals is crucial for it to last.  A good compatibility match does not mean that challenges never will appear. We still have to be aware of our own negatives and willing to work on them as well as accepting our differences and learning how to work together and adapting to one another.   Successful relationships require commitment, determination, presence and that both are attuned.  Many times we get stuck in our own perspectives and experience and have a hard time connecting with and understanding our significant other, and many times our differences as well as karmic baggage and psychological scars create blockages in our way of communicating and or relating to what is being communicated.  Through the help of coaching  you will get more clarity on the underlying issues  in the relationship and the tools needed to work through them in order to reach a healthy long lasting and meaningful relationship.   For videos and a deeper understanding go to link:

Harmonise with your dependents

Do you wonder how you can be the best guide to your dependents - be it your children or siblings? Why is that sometimes in spite of your many efforts  to support  they are not able to bring out the best possible results? What is happening between both of you that instead of an expression of gratitude you get scorn and hateful outbursts?


Do you wish to learn more about your karmic patterns in your relationship with dependents and want to understand your dependents' personality type more in depth to improve your relationship and resolve differences?

Client Testimonials

I didn't know where we were heading and it felt like our marriage was deteriorating, then a friend of mine mentioned Sri Radha Govinda's compatibility and coaching service.  It literarily ended up saving us.   Me and my husband now feel we have a better way of understanding each other and our way of communication has changed ."

- Liz

" I had given up but then I found The New You Coaching and it helped me understand what there was within me that made me constantly pick the wrong type of partners and it gave me so much clarity.  Through getting a deeper understanding of my Karma and how the planets place a big part in our lives, it helped me work with myself  and even tho I yet not have a partner, I feel so much happier and at peace in my life "

- Priya

" sometimes it's so hard to make sense of it all, our relationship had gone from amazing to hellish and we felt stuck and beyond return. Through the help of the The New You Coaching and of course a lot of work we managed to find ourself back and gained a deeper sense of understanding"

- Sam 

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