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How The Harmonious You Coaching can help you?

With a Multidisciplinary Approach
We use the best - from the East and from the West -to assist your transformation and your success.  At The Harmonious You Coaching, we apply various arts and sciences to ascertain your present and detect your potential. 



With the help of a variety of tools such as Vedic Astrology, Enneagram, Human Design, MBTI and palmistry,  Sri Radha Govinda’s style of coaching helps you  reach a spiritual elevation of your identity.  Through highlighting  and zooming in on your blueprint, your unique astrological chart, she can connect the dots of your karma and life path.  In this way provide you with the insight to help you transform your life and move past what is blocking you from living a healthy life of fulfillment in relationship with yourself and as a couple. 

By the use of these tools this coaching can help you:


  1. To work on deeply rooted issues that cause you to experience the difficulties that you do in your relationship.  Through looking at your life paths and karmic lessons. 


  1. Add  a deeper perspective of your reality and  reach the spiritual elevation of your identity as well as direct your mentality and bring clarity to what is the root cause of the challenges you are facing as a couple.  


  1. Break free from karmic patterns and focus on  life lessons which opens up a door to help you set effective goals  to be able to live a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

The New You Coaching

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