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Why am I not finding the perfect partner?

Updated: Mar 4

Many of us have the idea that if we find that special someone, or if we just know how to attract that perfect person, all of our Problems will be taken care of. And that's a fallacy.

I desire a relationship so much that I cannot think of anything else

  • I can't function without being in a romantic relationship

  • I am getting old and this is my last chance

  • I am forced by parents to marry someone

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In a way, that's putting the idea that you can get all of your needs met through another person. That's usually what is people's psychology. So what we have to do first is realize that from an astrological standpoint, if we want to look at this from the bigger picture, we need to realize that our life is set up in a certain way. We are presented with opportunities and people, that help us understand ourselves. We start to understand what we are made of. Our experience of relationships is a direct reflection of either what we put into relationships or our belief systems about relationships.

You need to first stop and realize that if you do not have a person in your life that is fulfilling your idea of relationships, you need to consider: 1. Maybe this time in your life isn't meant to focus on relationships. Maybe you have other things that you need to work through and deal with in relationships would be a distraction. It may be that you are not necessarily prepared to have.

2. Understand what it takes to make a relationship work in the long term. This is very important. Because a lot of what we've been raised with is how it's supposed to be. That doesn't work in actuality. So we need to realize these things and our chart can give us an idea of what is it that we need to be doing with our life currently, because it may be you've got a good transit going through your 7th House of Relationships or 9th House committed relationships which will show growth and opportunities in that area. If that's so, better to put your attention towards that during this time. It may be that you have more important transits that is going to direct the direction of your life, and you must focus on that instead. Activity going on in your chart by Dasha and the 10th House which can deal with your work, or in the 6th House which can deal with your health. Maybe your 3rd house is the focus right now in life, exploring one's hobbies, and personal interests, strengthening the mind. Ninth House, that is marriage, but that can also deal with higher education. So we see that each area of the chart represents. What it is that we're meant to be focusing on when it gets activated. Some people are blessed with charts that show easy relationships developing naturally, other people aren't. But the thing we have to remember is that that doesn't make you any less valuable if you are not in a relationship the way you think it should be. We need to learn to turn our attention back onto ourselves and ask "Why I'm not in a relationship. So, what is it that I'm meant to be doing right now?, what is it that I'm supposed to be working on right now?" And that can reveal itself, and it can be very helpful to develop a spiritual practice, contemplative chanting, and reading of spiritual mantras and literature. That way you can learn to let go of it. All the distractions that you have, all the things that you think are so important, that way you can attune to that innate intelligence that is all around you. It's within the stars, it's within the air, it's within your body that knows exactly. What's meant to be happening for you right now, so. Keep in mind that this is a difficult topic for a lot of people because we have so many interesting ideas about how relationships should be. And. We need to get a sense of what that is our life purpose, and Astrological birth chart can reveal this to us.

What is it that we are supposed to be focusing on right now based on the harmony of this cosmos? Because the chart is in harmony with everything that's going on around it. We have to remember this.

Sri Radha Govinda

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