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Saturn's Habits: Embracing Virtues

Saturn possesses unique virtues often misunderstood and underappreciated. In the ancient text Brihadparashara, Saturn's virtues are listed alongside those of other planets. Our conditioned minds tend to critique Saturn's qualities, viewing them as flaws. However, dull-mindedness, laziness, and lameness hold significance when understood in the right context.

A healthy Saturn knows the importance of doing the right thing at the right time. It adapts and displays the ability to be flexible and responsive to each situation. Doing the same thing for every occasion is a recipe for failure.

Saturn teaches us the value of adaptability - adjusting our actions to align with the needs of the moment. Dull-mindedness allows us to free our minds from unnecessary thoughts. Laziness means taking a break and conserving energy. Lameness signifies the need to rest and recover.

Saturn's essence lies in the conservation of energy. It aids Venus by advocating for the judicious use of energy. Wasting energy on futile endeavors is foolish. Recognizing when to let go and conserve vitality for endeavors that yield growth is wise.

A "bad Saturn" persists in unproductive pursuits, draining energy and shortening life span. Recognizing when certain endeavors cease to bear fruit and redirecting efforts towards more fruitful paths is wiser.

Saturn teaches us the importance of embracing adaptability and recognizing when to conserve energy. By understanding and appreciating Saturn's virtues, we can harness its power for more fulfilling lives. Saturn holds valuable lessons for us all.

Understanding when to conserve energy and when to stop wasting it is a key habit for a healthy Saturn. Yogananda emphasized recognizing when there's nothing further to be done and simply going to sleep. Sometimes, it is wiser to accept the situation and recharge.

We often expend unnecessary energy pursuing endeavors that yield no further benefits. Continuously squeezing lemons that have run dry is a futile exercise. By releasing what no longer serves us, we create space for new opportunities and growth.

Saturn's influence extends beyond metaphorical interpretations. In astrology, Saturn represents bodily power, specifically the power of excretion. Just as we eliminate waste from our system, Saturn reminds us to excrete what is no longer necessary in our lives.

Consider the food we consume. After our bodies have extracted all the necessary nutrients, we naturally eliminate the waste. Similarly, in our lives, we must identify the habits, relationships, and pursuits that drain our energy without offering meaningful returns.

By cultivating a healthy Saturn, we learn to conserve and utilize energy wisely. We develop the ability to recognize when it's time to let go and redirect our energy towards endeavors that bring growth. Embracing Saturn's lessons leads to a more balanced and harmonious life, where we optimize energy and make room for new possibilities.

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