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Compatibility Coaching

When we do a compatibility check, there are three main elements that should be considered.


 1. The individual capacity of two different individuals in relationships

If two individuals are of good character and have the individual capacity to make the relationship successful.


2. The negative elements in the chart that should not be present and the positives that are necessary for a relationship to work and be beneficial.
The type of dynamics a couple creates, reveals the harmony or disharmony.


3. The synastry of planets happens when two individual charts come together, through the interaction between these two energies a specific pattern can be found that gives profound information on the psychic and psychological consequences of two people in a relationship.


Through the coaching sessions you can learn how to maximize the positive/harmonious aspects by understanding the karmic patterns of both individuals and as a couple.  The coaching also helps to manage the less harmonious aspects and to develop a more enjoyable relationship. 


Balance is essential to a healthy, loving and fulfilling  Relationship. The quality of the relationship the two experience as a couple and as individuals is crucial for it to last.  A good compatibility match does not mean that challenges never will appear. We still have to be aware of our own negatives and willing to work on them as well as accepting our differences and learning how to work together and adapting to one another.   Successful relationships require commitment, determination, presence and that both are attuned. 


Many times we get stuck in our own perspectives and experience and have a hard time connecting with and understanding our significant other, and many times our differences as well as karmic baggage and psychological scars create blockages in our way of communicating and or relating to what is being communicated. 

Through the help of coaching  you will get more clarity on the underlying issues  in the relationship and the tools needed to work through them in order to reach a healthy long lasting and meaningful relationship.  


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