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Krishna Connection

"The principle of surrender, is admission of responsibility when we are at fault, and practicing faith."

🪷Krsna Connection is a sangha for Vaisnavis/ladies to come together & share realisations, experience and hope in our unique journey towards Krsna/God. It starts with a spiritual meditation followed by an inspirational reading and sharing from members. 

This meeting shall not be recorded, it is LIVE on ZOOM. Only for identified women, please subscribe to join and get the link 

Every Sunday 
8:00 am EDT
1:00 pm BST
5.30 pm IST

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Find that safe space amongst us, to deepen your connection to God

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Gita Connection

Ever wondered what it means to let go and let Govinda in the context of Bhagavad-Gita? 

Learn how to hand over your life and will in the care of God. 


Meeting is LIVE on zoom (Only for women) & Recordings will be available on youtube. 


Every Tuesday at

19:00 IST

14:30 BST

6:30 PDT

15:30 SAST


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Adult Children Anonymous 

ACA Meetings involves working on emotional sobriety. Emotional sobriety involves a changed relationship with self and others. Emotional sobriety means that we are involved in changed relationships that are safe and honest. We feel a nearness to Krishna. We cultivate emotional sobriety through the Twelve Steps and through association with other recovering adult children. This meeting is LIVE only (women only).

It will not be recorded.


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